What is happening at Plantation Capital Limited. and why have these changes been made?

After four years selling forestry products in the UK we considered this to be a good time to change our strategic direction and focus on the regulatory sector of the market. As a result no further specialist forestry products in sustainable and commercially viable assets will be available from Plantation Capital. Our sole focus in the future will be to concentrate on supporting clients with updates and information regarding the plantations.

Should I be concerned about my investments?

No, not at all. Your investments are safe and growing. Please contact your forest manager for information. Representatives from Plantation Capital will continue to visit the plantations and they can be contacted for up-to-date information.

Can I be assured that Plantation Capital Limited. will not just disappear?

It is in the best interests of Plantation Capital to see your investment through to harvest and sale as Plantation Capital may receive 2.5% of the proceeds. This is a contractual agreement with Asia Plantation Capital.

Will I receive regular information updates with regard to my investment(s)?

Please visit www.asiaplantationcapital.com for regular news updates and information. In addition a forestry report will be available from your forest manager. Please contact your manager regarding this report.

Are my contractual obligations still valid?

Yes. The companies are still in operation. As stated the only difference is that Plantation Capital is no longer selling specialist forestry products and this has no bearing on the contractual obligations of all parties involved. Plantation Capital is still dedicated to managing the relationships that we have with clients and the plantations.

Will the harvesting of my forestry products still go ahead as planned?

Yes. Again no changes have been made to client contractual obligations. The harvest will take place depending on the growth rate of your trees and / or bamboo clumps.

Which company will pay my returns?

Your returns will be paid by the party responsible for selling your harvested products which is, unless otherwise requested, your forest manager. They or their appointed representative will make payments directly to you.

Why is Plantation Capital Limited no longer FSA Registered?

The sole purpose for Plantation Capital gaining FSA Appointed Representative status was to promote regulated products. At the same time Plantation Capital was also selling unregulated products and to avoid confusion between the products it was important to separate the companies according to the products that they sell.

Who should I contact if I have any questions?

You can either contact your forest manager directly or Plantation Capital for general or account enquires. Please go to the Contact Us page for details.

Will there still be a London office?

Yes, there will be a client service desk in London at our Chelsea Harbour office.

Can I get a valuation on my trees/bamboo?

An estimated valuation may be undertaken, however it is important to note that the valuation would have the following limitations:

(i) The estimated value would be an estimated value as at 'todays date' based on the age and number of [trees / bamboo] and the current market conditions. It is an estimate only, not a forecast, and the actual return, which is not guaranteed, may differ significantly from the amount stated.

(ii) Reasons for potential variations in the actual return include, but are not limited to, differences in tree / bamboo growth rates, tree / bamboo condition, market fluctuations, environmental issues and actual yields on harvest.

(iii) This is not a professional valuation. If you would like a professional valuation to be undertaken please let us know and we will provide a list of companies for you (please note - the valuation company will charge a fee). You may wish to appoint your own company, however they would need to be vetted by the forest manager, landlord and / or vendor to ensure they are suitably qualified to undertake such a valuation.

Have any trees/bamboo been harvested or agar distilled for oil as yet? Any returns from trees/bamboo been paid yet?

The forest managers have stated that they have been harvesting agar from January 2012 and this will continue on a regular basis as and when the infected trees are ready. Some returns have been paid. Oud is being produced on a weekly basis in their own distilleries. Bamboo harvesting is planned from early 2013.

I would like to know how my trees are doing, who do I contact?

Your appointed forest manager will be able to update you on the status of your trees. Contact details for Asia Plantation Capital Holdings (Thailand) and Plantation Capital Forestry (Sri Lanka) are available on the Contact Us page.

It is now the second year of my investment. Is my bamboo being harvested and when do I get my returns?

It is important to note that harvesting is determined by the growth rates of the bamboo clumps. The average harvest is from Year 2 and once again your forest manager, depending on the growth rate, will decide on the harvesting of your actual clumps. Please consult your appointed forest manager for this information. Once harvests have been completed there is approximately a six month lead time to process the harvested product into saleable goods and to undertake a sale. As stated in the Terms of Business if The Thai Company is your selected seller, the first of these sums will be paid to you on whichever of the following dates falls immediately after the third anniversary of the Agreement: 1st January, 1st April, 1st July or 1st October and annually on the anniversary of that date thereafter.

How do I know if my agar has or is being inoculated?

Your forest manager will be able to provide you with this information.

How do I know if / when my teak needs to be thinned?

Your forest manager will be able to provide you with this information.

When do I complete a Harvest Confirmation Form?

Once your forest manager has informed you that your trees or clumps are ready to be harvested, you are required to complete a Harvest Confirmation Form. This form is available from them or from Plantation Capital. Please contact Alice Woodland for a copy. Her contact details are available on the Contact Us page.

What method of inoculation is being used on my agar trees?

The skilled forest manager and his consultants determine the method at the time of inoculation. Technology is constantly progressing and thus it cannot be guaranteed that a specified method will be used. The method deemed most suitable will be used at the time of inoculation.

I want to plan my personal finances. Can you tell me exactly when I will receive my returns?

Trees and bamboo clumps are biological and thus their growth rates cannot be guaranteed. Product packages were designed using the average predicted growth rates available at the time. Your returns are ultimately based on the growth of your trees and / or bamboo clumps and thus a definite date cannot be provided.

My contract stated a specific number of years. What happens when that period lapses?

All contracts can be extended on agreement with the landlord or vendor.

I would like to visit my trees, how do I organise this and is it subsidised?

Please contact Plantation Capital. Alice Woodland will be able to arrange this with the teams in Sri Lanka or Thailand. The visit would not be subsidised.

Who do I contact regarding my maintenance?

Please contact Plantation Capital. Our accounts department will be able to assist you on behalf of the respective forest managers, Asia Plantation Capital Holdings (Thailand) and Plantation Capital Forestry (Sri Lanka) are available on the Contact Us page.

Who do I contact regarding my contracts?

Please contact Plantation Capital. Alice Woodland will be able to assist by either responding herself or discussing it with the relevant party. Her contact details are available on the Contact Us page.

All investments involve an element of risk. The value of your investment and the returns from it will vary and your investment amount cannot be guaranteed. Past performance is not a guide to future performance and should not be the sole factor of consideration when selecting a product. Plantation Capital Limited is not authorised to provide investment advice and any form of investment advice should be discussed with your financial advisor. Information on this website is for general purpose only.